Go Oak Cliff is an advocacy and quality of life organization focused on supporting and inspiring the Historic Oak Cliff Community, which lies directly southwest of Downtown Dallas, Texas. Go Oak Cliff's mission is simple: to develop North Oak Cliff as the best community it can possibly be.

What We Do

Go Oak Cliff formed in 2010 by a group of community advocates looking to improve the quality of life for people calling historic Oak Cliff home.

Since our inception, we have financially supported many Oak Cliff groups including The Well, Sunset High School, and Rosemont Elementary and causes such as ReTree Oak Cliff. We funded a $20,000 mural installation titled the 7th Street Mural Project, which compensated local artists for creating public art while also fighting graffiti and blight on some of our commercial building stock. 

Go Oak Cliff also acts as a marketing tool for the Oak Cliff area. We have built a series of community events which allow our neighbors to gather and get to know one another, but also allow people not from Oak Cliff to come experience our wonderful community. These events include Mardi Gras Oak Cliff, Brew Riot, Bastille on Bishop, and Blues, Bandits, & BBQ. 

Go Oak Cliff consists of both a not-for-profit and a for-profit arm. The non-profit arm is a fund which is housed at the Dallas Foundation, a premier and reputable non-profit hub. The board for the non-profit consists of:

  • Amy Wallace Cowan*
  • Stacey Rives Spillers
  • Jason Roberts*
  • Elliott Muñoz
  • Barry Binder

*denotes Founding Member

Go Oak Cliff, Inc. is a corporation jointly owned and managed by Stacey Rives Spillers and Amy Wallace Cowan. The events defined as 'signature events" are managed by Go Oak Cliff, Inc. 

The non-profit arm is utilized to fundraise and support our community. We frequently put out notifications for local groups looking for volunteer or financial support. From donations toward the implementation of the Roger W. Lytle Disc Golf Course to making a matching grant to send the Sunset High School band for their trip to competition, we enjoy seeing our neighbors come together to make visions and dreams become reality.