Oak Cliff Owns Dallas Observer Best Of

To say Oak Cliff dominated the Dallas Observer Best Of awards is hardly hyperbole. We made a quick count of 23 Oak Cliff mentions in the 2010 Dallas Observer Best Of list that was released today, and we think that’s pretty great representation for our little ‘hood.

Heck – even our blog here was recognized. So puff up your chest, Oak Cliff, you’ve got lots to be proud of! And congratulations to all of the Oak Cliff winners!

Best Place to Take a Date: Bolsa
Best Patio: Bolsa
Best Bloody Mary: Smoke
Best Sushi: Zen Sushi
Best Pizza: Oak Cliff Pizza & Pasta
Best Place to Dig On Swine: Artisanal Style Pork Ham at Smoke
Best Mac and Cheese: Tillman’s Roadhouse
Best Use of a Blowtorch: Blowtorch Salmon at Nova
Best Brunch: Hattie’sBest Margarita: Gloria’s
Best Home-Style Restaurant: Norma’s Cafe
Best Macaroons: Rush Patisserie
Best Upstairs: Eno’s Pizza Tavern
Best Chocolatier: Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Best Mardi Gras: Bishop Arts Mardi Gras
Best Hotel: Belmont Hotel
Best Place for a Street Festival: Bishop Arts District
Best Backstage: Kessler Theater
Best Teacher of Things Crafty: Make Shop & Studio
Best Camera Club: Photopol.us
Best Place to Watch Movie Watchers: Tradewinds Cinema Club on Wednesday Nights
Best Justified Impulse Buy: Art Conspiracy
Best Way To Keep Track Of Oak Cliff Restaurant Happenings: Go Oak Cliff