On The Road Again

I promise that we’re not going to turn GoOakCliff.org into a running commentary on public transportation and commuting, but we got lots of great comments on the post from yesterday and I thought I’d give you a few more thoughts on day 2 of DART/ bike experience.

First, it’s so much nicer to ride when it’s sunny. This probably seems obvious but even the fact that it was 38 degrees when I rolled out the door this morning didn’t matter when I felt the sun on my face. This morning bike riding stuff might actually be therapeutic – you really feel invigorated!

Second, it’s amazing how many ways we can ultimately save money when we decide to change our auto-addicted patterns. I ran into Winnetke Heights resident Heather Kerr on the bus this morning and so we chatted a bit about her DART experience. She’s lucky enough to have a bus stop right in front of her house, and yet it took her a few years to finally let go of the convenience of driving downtown (she works for Neiman Marcus). She finally tried DART last year as part of her own new years resolution and realized a savings of over $1000 annually just by not paying for downtown parking. Amazing – that’s a lot of money to pay for parking!

Heather Kerr Enjoying Her Commute.

She’s all smiles now as she rides the bus to work, and she said she enjoys bumping into other Cliff Dwellers from time to time.

I did splurge today and get the $4 DART day pass (versus the $1.75 per ride I used yesterday). The rationale for the pass today was to catch the bus in Oak Cliff (corner of Greenbriar and Beckley) and then connect to my bus up the tollway at the West Transfer Station downtown. So for 50 more cents today I cut 5 minutes off my commute time, and I can ride as many different buses as I’d like between now and 3am. Not a bad deal.

By the way – did you know that gambling is not allowed on a DART bus? A sign at the front of the bus informed me that gambling, food & drink, loud talking and music are not permitted. I get the others, but gambling? Could this really have been a problem in the past?

I will say that the biking portion of my trip was harder today. I’d consider myself in moderately good shape – I run several times per week and enjoy a little yoga at Tranquilo from time to time. But the muscles I’m using to crank these pedalsĀ  seem to be completely different, and the bike seat felt pretty uncomfortable this morning. I’m guessing in a week or so these things won’t impact me as much, but there is a curve in getting up to speed.

Hope to see a few other Cliff Dwellers out there – are you ready to change up your commute?